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Weekly Ritual The last note of the final hymn reverberates throughout the building. Church is done for the week. I sit down, look at my friends and head to lunch content with the knowledge that I have gone to Church this week. I have done the bare minimum for my Christian journey, and I can excuse myself for just a while if I forget to … Continue reading CHURCH: ME OR WE?


The word that can send shivers up the spine of many a Christian ‘witnessing’. Having to approach friends, family or even strangers and try and start up a spiritual conversation. Just the thought of it can be nerve wracking. But, witnessing encounters don’t have to be complicated. The apostle Paul through his life and ministry gives a model of evangelism with easy steps to make … Continue reading THE LOST ART OF WITNESSING


Tsutomu Yamaguchi prepared to board his train to Nagasaki after a long business trip in Hiroshima. Luggage in hand he felt his pocket for his boarding pass but found nothing. The dreaded realisation he may have lost his ticket prompted his legs to run faster than they ever had before. With only minutes to run back to his temporary office before the train left, Tsutomu … Continue reading ATOM BOMBS AND BABYLON


How did a Persian king’s cup-bearer have the skill, confidence, and perseverance to lead the third Jewish return to Jerusalem in 445 B.C.? I have recently started studying the book of Nehemiah with friends – so we could compare opinions. Quickly, a reoccurring pattern stood out to us. Nehemiah constantly prayed. ***** As the book of Nehemiah is written in first person, it is assumed … Continue reading WALKING WITH GOD?


The Task The greatest command given to Christian’s is found in Matthew 28:19, where His followers are mandated to make “disciples of all nations.” These, some of the last words of Jesus on earth are known as the Great Commission. It is appropriate that the words are treated with their deserving weight as sharing the message of the gospel is a vital part of Christian … Continue reading TRAVEL WITH PURPOSE


 Many of the most iconic and famous religious figures in history are those who committed extreme acts whose stories have circulated well beyond their death, immortalising them as enduring symbolic figures. Whether it be a reverence for the dedicated monks of the mountains, the pious and ultra-religious Pharisees of Second Temple Judaism, or those who fought in war on behalf of their faith, we often … Continue reading WHY EXTREMISM IS TOO EASY


Clarity. When everything finally falls into place and you feel at peace, at least this was my first experience with it. However, the clarity I discovered was ironically found with the object which had previously confused me. ***** I have always believed that God existed and that the Bible was accurate. However, I had never experienced anything which made this belief meaningful and life-changing for … Continue reading CLARITY