One minute. Sixty seconds. Have you ever thought about what you could do with just one minute? It seems like such a small amount of time so probably not much, right? Well, you might be surprised.

One thousand one hundred and three. That’s the number of times you would need to clap in a minute to beat the Guinness World Record. In two thousand and eighteen, in a feat that sets my head spinning, Vaser Akbari spelled thirty-nine words backwards in a minute. I struggle to spell many words the right way around! If you shiver at the thought of excessive physical contact, you will cringe at this next one. Someone gave eighty-seven hugs in a minute! Hugging more than one person per second is quite a feat!

That settles it then; a lot can happen in sixty seconds.

So then, how do most of us spend our minutes? According to the Wall Street Journal, millennials accumulate 18 hours of media use a day. That leaves just six hours for sleep, let alone anything else. Fascinatingly, out of an eight-hour workday, only under three hours will be productive time! It seems as though we are brilliant at finding new and exciting ways to procrastinate and ignore the world around us.

Time is our greatest commodity, and you are spending it now, whether you like it or not. What we spend our time on and how much effort we place into each minute says a lot about our priorities.

How often do you find yourself thinking that you do not have time to do something? It is not rare for me to feel like I am run off of my feet! Even when I’m spending time with my friends, instead of staying in the moment, I get caught up in all thinking about all the tasks I need to accomplish in my week. Sometimes, and even worse, I will message my other friends instead of interacting with the ones I have right in front of my face!

When I break it down, I do have time. I spend vast amounts of time watching YouTube videos and lazily browsing the internet. More than that, I find that I spend hours on my assignments and other work tasks (not necessarily a bad thing!). It appears that busyness has become an idol. It can be shameful to say that we did not accomplish anything in our days. I find that our conversations can become a competition to see who has it the worst!

Our minutes are powerful. If we put our best into every minute, we get the best out of life. This realisation dawned on me recently. I was watching my students play round-robin games of soccer with their coach. He kept telling them that every minute was a game-changing one. As the game wore on, I watched my students become increasingly enthused as they saw the impact of their efforts.

If I took a few hours from my excessive smartphone browsing, I probably would have more time! What I am saying when I choose phone browsing over productivity or spending time with others is that “I am choosing not to spend my minutes with you.”

Far too often, I forget to spend time with God. I get too busy. I put my devotion time off thinking that I have more important things to do- by doing this, I am telling God that “I am choosing not to spend my minutes with you.” I am telling my creator, the God who holds the universe, that I do not have time for him! Sometimes I even put off spending time with God to focus on my Ministry activities! Building a great relationship takes time and effort. It takes early mornings or late nights; it takes constant prayer to our best friend. I often complain that God is silent when my Bible has been completely closed, and I have not uttered a word of prayer in months.

So then, what is the bare minimum amount of time I can spend intentionally investing in my relationship with God? Perhaps you do not want to be forever reading your Bible or praying. We can pray anywhere and at any time throughout our days! The Bible instructs us to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17). What is even more remarkable is that we can use all of our minutes to spend time with God. In 1 Corinthians 10:31 it says “so whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it for the glory of God” meaning that every single one of our minutes can be used for God and to spend time with him. Every part of our days can be lived with and for God!

Use your minutes wisely. Remember, you are spending them right now. This week I challenge you to think about how you spend your time. Look at how many minutes you spend on your phone, how long you spend watching television and how long you spend doing everything else and then ask yourself if you are using your minutes for the glory of God.

By Kira-leigh Josey

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