The Edge of Glory

In 2015 the Broadway musical ‘Hamilton’ took the world by storm. The musical focuses on the life of Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s founding fathers. Hamilton fought as a general in the American Revolutionary War and served as George Washington’s right-hand man. Hamilton eventually goes on to establish America’s national bank but dies still in his prime. Throughout the first act of the musical, Hamilton is eager to serve as a leader in combat. When he finally gets the opportunity, Washington reminds him that leading is not as easy as Hamilton thinks. Washington recounts leading his men into a massacre and imparts the haunting sentiment that ‘History has its Eyes on You’. Washington leaves Hamilton with the idea that what he will do in this situation will either catapult him into notoriety or leave him to the forgotten archives of history.

The same is true today. Future people will look back on what we are doing now and hold us accountable. History indeed does have its eyes on us. There are multiple issues which demand global attention that will define the way that future generations look back on us- climate change, nuclear development and space exploration are just a few of these. Just as Hamilton was, we are genuinely at a monumental crossroad in history and our choices will be remembered.

The Theatre of the Universe

Even more significant, in the same way as the future will look back on us, we are being watched even now by beings and powers that we cannot even imagine. Every moment on this earth is being compiled as evidence to be used in the most infamous trial in history with the most witnesses and defendants ever called forward. But humanity is lucky- they got the most righteous, fair judge, and their lawyer? His nail-pierced hands prove that he would do anything for his clients.

It’s a hugely abstract concept, but it’s true- the battle between God and Satan for the control of this world is the most significant cosmic conflict the universe will ever see.

Why are all eyes on us? When sin had first entered the world with the fall of man in Genesis 3, this trial was already underway. There had been a War in Heaven- the very first war. Lucifer, the most beautiful and talented angel, was livid, he believed that he was worthy of ruling in Heaven. It was not fair. He began to spread his dissent among the other angels, and this led to God having to act. One-third of all angels were sent down to God’s new creation- our planet, Earth. God left his people with a choice between right and wrong- sin and righteousness. God had given humanity free will, and now it was time for man to choose between God’s will or the ideas of Lucifer who has come to be known as Satan or the deceiver.

This event is known as ‘The Great Controversy’. It is a test of God’s character. The whole of the universe, all of the different beings created on other planets are looking on at earth. Intrigued and disgusted by a world ruled by sin.

There is good news. When God returns at the second coming and calls the righteous to heaven, this trial will be complete. The universe will have seen the goodness of God’s character and realise that he has a fair and just God and the only one who is worthy.

Don’t Panic

So how should we act with the knowledge that this earth is being observed and that all of history really does have its eyes on us?

  1. Don’t panic! We have the God on the universe on our side, and the outcome of the battle has already been decided.
  2. Fix your eyes on God- he who created and loves us. When we choose to accept God, all that our accusers will see when they look at us will be Jesus with his arms outstretched.

The Bible tells us in Ephesians 6:12 that “… our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” It is terrifying to imagine a war waging that we cannot see and yet God promises that the victory is already his.

This earth is a test of God’s character and his love. God could force us to love him and yet he does not. God lets each person choose their fate.

The history of the universe- all that has been and is to come has its eyes on this world. When Satan accuses us, when he reminds the onlookers that the wages for the sin that humanity is steeped in is death, Jesus will step forth, show his nail-pierced hands and remind the world that he has already paid the price for humanity. Their inheritance is not the grave but eternal life. It is now up to each of us as to whether we accept Christ’s sacrifice and let him stand for us in court. I implore you to allow God’s love to become a reality in your life and to experience the blessed assurance that only a relationship with God can yield.


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If you would like to read more about this cosmic conflict, it is present throughout the Bible but especially prominent in the books of Daniel and Revelation. If you would like to study these books, a member of the MWM team would be happy to help you, or you could reference commentaries. Ellen White also writes extensively on this conflict in her series ‘The Great Controversy’.


By Kira-leigh Josey

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