There is something almost magical about the last words of a person. We even imagine what our last words may be before our passing, hoping to convey some sort of significance or final message to the world. Everybody falls into a hushed reverence at the mention of the last words of a person, eager to listen to any final pieces of wisdom they will speak … Continue reading FAMOUS LAST WORDS


A Constant God For many, the God presented in the Old Testament is irreconcilable to that seen in the New Testament. The image of a loving, healing God as represented through Jesus in the New Testament is, for some, in-congruent with the idea of a God who led his chosen people on conquests and would command the death of people for not following a seemingly … Continue reading RECKLESS LOVE AND GENOCIDE


THE EMPEROR In 44 BC Octavian marched on the last true world empire, Rome, demanding that they give him the role of consul. Octavian, the heir of Julius Caesar was known from the year 27 BC as Augustus. This was a title conferred on him by the senate meaning ‘revered one’, granting Augustus godlike status. Augustus would eventually become the first and arguably the greatest … Continue reading AUGUSTUS: GODS AMONG US