The Task The greatest command given to Christian’s is found in Matthew 28:19, where His followers are mandated to make “disciples of all nations.” These, some of the last words of Jesus on earth are known as the Great Commission. It is appropriate that the words are treated with their deserving weight as sharing the message of the gospel is a vital part of Christian … Continue reading TRAVEL WITH PURPOSE


Recently a lady tried to persuade my wife and I to offload $12,000 of our hard earned money into a holiday club. From our first introduction, she was extremely friendly, accommodating and kind. She smiled constantly, asked about our children, our work and our interests and made sure to use our names regularly. She expressed empathy and understanding. She listened carefully to our comments and … Continue reading CHRIST’S METHOD ALONE


The most self-destructive and counter intuitive mindset of our church today, is our measure for successful evangelism. Whether it is pastors unsatisfied with the number of baptisms in a year, or lay members disappointed their personal ministry has not led to any commitments to Jesus, overall, our church seems to be weighed down by an overwhelming sense of defeat and failure in regard to evangelism. … Continue reading MEASURING EVANGELISTIC SUCCESS