How did a Persian king’s cup-bearer have the skill, confidence, and perseverance to lead the third Jewish return to Jerusalem in 445 B.C.? I have recently started studying the book of Nehemiah with friends – so we could compare opinions. Quickly, a reoccurring pattern stood out to us. Nehemiah constantly prayed. ***** As the book of Nehemiah is written in first person, it is assumed … Continue reading WALKING WITH GOD?


Hidden Crumbs On April thirteenth, 2019 Taylor Swift began a thirteen-day long countdown on her social media accounts. This countdown sent the world (or perhaps maybe just the Swifties) into a frenzy. The following thirteen days were fraught by cryptic clues from Swift in the form of what would turn out to be stills from her upcoming music release, and these spawned increasingly far-fetched fan … Continue reading TAYLOR SWIFT AND THE MESSIANIC COUNTDOWN


Throughout history, many a person has tried to answer the question ‘Why am I on this Earth?’. The ideas that have been espoused are fascinating and, by examining them, we can become more aware of our ultimate purpose. Here is a curated list of some of the most intriguing perspectives: The Simulation Hypothesis Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘there’s a glitch in the matrix’ … Continue reading WHY AM I HERE?


“Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this?” – Esther 4:14 (NLT) The proud and impulsive Persian king’s, Xerxes the Great, banquet for all the nobles and officers under his rule in 483 B.C. was intended to be a ‘…tremendous display of the opulent wealth of his empire and the pomp and splendour of his majesty’ (Esther 1:4 … Continue reading THE DARING QUEEN


ALONE TOGETHER People have never felt so alone. This fact appears to be incongruent with the juggernaut that is social media which claims to keep us more connected than ever. In creating our carefully curated social media profiles, we further isolate ourselves from those around us. Lunchtime becomes a competition to see who can get the best photo and use the best filter. Rather than … Continue reading GOD ONLY KNOWS


THE FRENZY You sit in your car and breathe in deeply, relishing the fleeting moments of peace. Your head begins to shake as the repetitive pattern of the parking lot starts to seem like a prison. As you begin to wander into the cement jungle tunes of torture begin to enter your ears. The amount of light and colour in your peripherals is overwhelming, distractions … Continue reading CONSUMING CHRISTMAS


An ancient battle ship, sailed by the great hero Theseus, resides proudly in a prestigious museum, as an enduring testament of his historic victories. Crowds flock in everyday to marvel at the grand behemoth of a boat, until one day, a piece of wood begins to rot within the boat. The piece is deep inside the hull of the ship, and so knowing that it … Continue reading THE PHILOSOPHER’S BOAT


There is something almost magical about the last words of a person. We even imagine what our last words may be before our passing, hoping to convey some sort of significance or final message to the world. Everybody falls into a hushed reverence at the mention of the last words of a person, eager to listen to any final pieces of wisdom they will speak … Continue reading FAMOUS LAST WORDS