Clarity. When everything finally falls into place and you feel at peace, at least this was my first experience with it. However, the clarity I discovered was ironically found with the object which had previously confused me. ***** I have always believed that God existed and that the Bible was accurate. However, I had never experienced anything which made this belief meaningful and life-changing for … Continue reading CLARITY


In a world saturated with advertisements, I usually choose to ignore any posters on advertisement boards or along walkways. However, there was one occasion when a small red card, surrounded by lots of large flamboyant advertisements, stood out to me. Written on the card in bold white letters were the words “Imagine an Unfailing Love”, and beneath this in smaller white letters, “(There is Good News … Continue reading IMAGINE AN UNFAILING LOVE


Who doesn’t fondly remember having their mother quote to them as a child, the following, infamous Bible verse: cleanliness is next to godliness? The verse seems created purely to justify unwanted showers and enforce thorough scrubbing behind the ears. Of course, this Scripture is one of many other notorious verses which come from the same holy book; versus such as “moderation in all things”, “this … Continue reading WHY DOES GOD NOT WANT ME?


You are walking through the supermarket; your gaze is floating between all the fresh fruit and vegetables as you consider your lunch. Suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you behold the golden glow of that glorious corner of the building simply labelled ‘Bread’. Before you can say ‘baguette’ your body has floated across the epoxy coated vinyl, you have lifted your choice of … Continue reading ADDICTION