Our Staff


I am the creator of Mighty Warrior Ministries and the After Sermon Podcast. My passion is telling others about God, and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Ministry and Theology to help me further this goal. In my spare time, I’m a comic enthusiast and piano player.





I am a co-host here at the After Sermon Podcast. My desire in life is to serve God and I am currently doing that by studying Ministry and Theology at Avondale College. In my spare moments you will probably find me playing guitar or listening to tunes from the 60’s.





I’m a recurring co-host on the After Sermon Podcast and a presenter of a few of the sermons it is based on. I am passionate about growing spiritually and, with the help of the Holy Spirit, encouraging others to do the same. When I’m not working or studying, you can find me jamming on the piano or out on the basketball court.




I am a co-host of the After Sermon Podcast. God is teaching me how to reach out a caring hand to those in need, I am studying a Bachelor of Medicine for this purpose. To unwind I like to read, run and spend time in nature.




I am a writer and guest host for the After Sermon Podcast. Two of my absolute favourite things are interacting with people and telling them about God. I am studying Secondary teaching with a double major in History and Religious Studies. My passions include learning about Rome in the Augustan Age, fictional time travel and reading.



27604030_539129859793687_1534185346_oI am a writer and guest for the After Sermon Podcast. I love learning practical life lessons from the Bible and studying history which supports biblical events. Currently I am studying a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Government and International Relations.




Hi, I’m a co-host here on the After Sermon Podcast. My desire is to love people like Jesus does, and encourage people to have a personal relationship with Him. I love reading spiritual material, exercising an playing basketball, when I’m not working my life away.




I’m one of the co-hosts here on the after sermon podcast. Originally inspired to follow God through finding answers to the big questions, I’m interested in the philosophical, psychological and greater pragmatic significance of the biblical stories. Currently studying a Bachelor of Business Management, and I like to read, skate, play chess and swim at the beach in my spare time.