Joshua stood before the wall. In front of him towered the most formidable structure he had ever beheld. It drew comparison to the grandeur of the pyramids from his childhood in Egypt, only this was different. The pyramids were designed to house the dead, this wall defended the living. Behind Joshua was a sea of Israelites, two and a half million in number. He had … Continue reading BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS


An ancient battle ship, sailed by the great hero Theseus, resides proudly in a prestigious museum, as an enduring testament of his historic victories. Crowds flock in everyday to marvel at the grand behemoth of a boat, until one day, a piece of wood begins to rot within the boat. The piece is deep inside the hull of the ship, and so knowing that it … Continue reading THE PHILOSOPHER’S BOAT


There is something almost magical about the last words of a person. We even imagine what our last words may be before our passing, hoping to convey some sort of significance or final message to the world. Everybody falls into a hushed reverence at the mention of the last words of a person, eager to listen to any final pieces of wisdom they will speak … Continue reading FAMOUS LAST WORDS


A Constant God For many, the God presented in the Old Testament is irreconcilable to that seen in the New Testament. The image of a loving, healing God as represented through Jesus in the New Testament is, for some, in-congruent with the idea of a God who led his chosen people on conquests and would command the death of people for not following a seemingly … Continue reading RECKLESS LOVE AND GENOCIDE


The following article was composed by Rick Ferret For many people today the pace of life is extraordinary. Do we rush? Are we in a hurry? Does anything really matter? Humanities quest for knowledge and answers to all manner of questions has been exciting and adventurous, but also confusing for many. The smorgasbord of human philosophy is astounding. Charles Swindoll in his book, “Growing Strong … Continue reading A POTPOURRI OF PHILOSOPHIES


The Borobodur temple of Indonesia, the Acropolis of Greece, the Shinto Shirne of Chureito overlooking Mount Fuji. What do these sacred places of worship all have in common? Their foundations all lie on the top of a mountain face, as high into the heavens as humanly possible. Religious traditions both past and present, have always viewed mountains as sites on the mortal plane, at which … Continue reading REACHING UP, FALLING DOWN