2018 Project

Last year, Mighty Warrior Ministires (MWM) partnered with Memorial Seventh-day Adventist Church in a fundraising campaign for Ribwogo Church, Kenya. Led by Pr. Paul S. Momanyi, the church congregation was in need of Bibles translated in their native language, of which the cost would exceed $2000. The Memorial Church generously donated $500, and other donors helped raise an additional $2430, amassing a total of $2930. This far surpassed the original goal and helped provide for the purchase of 242 Bibles which we distributed to church members.

242 Bibles given to Ribwogo Church

2019 Project

This year, MWM seeks to invest in a sustainable development program for Ribwogo Church, to meet the financial and physical needs of the church organisation and the orphanage it supports. In establishing a farm, the ongoing produce will be able to help cover church costs as well as ensure an education for the orphanage children.

Estimated Budget & Distribution


We believe in the importance of accountability in order to maintain the integrity of all groups involved, and in ensuring that Biblical principles of stewardship will be adhered to. There will be no overhead costs, meaning that all proceeds will go towards the $3500 needed for the success of the campaign. We also create a sheet calculating the donations of ever donor, and strongly encourage our church donors to request for this finalised document to ensure their donation has been used for its original intent.

What Can You Do?

Any size of donation from your church community will go towards providing the beginnings of a sustainable farm development for Ribwogo Church, and give the church and its children a brighter future.

If your church family cannot financially help, then we would still greatly appreciate your advertising the campaign or notifying us of other churches that may be willing and able to contribute.

Prayers are always appreciated for our team as we continue this work. We would love to partner with you and share in Jesus’ ministry of helping those in need.